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Scam Share Bulletin and CyberScotland Bulletin – 12th May 2022

The Scam Share Bulletin from Trading Standards Scotland includes the following topics:

Recently Reported Scams

Driveway Scams

Broadband Doorstep Scams

Screen Sharing Scams

Buyer Scams – Online Marketplaces


Online Scams / Campaigns

Census Doorstep Scams

Fraudscape Report – Impersonation Scams


The full bulletin is available to view here:



The CyberScotland Bulletin includes the following topics:


Cyber Tools for UK Schools

NCSC Threat Report

Malicious Apps Risk

Screen Sharing Scams

Cyber Aware Scottish Workers Toolkit

Cyberfirst Summer Courses for Students – 14-17 years old.


The full bulletin is available to view here:



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