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Energy Efficiency Doorstep Scams

From Trading Standards Scotland - Energy Efficiency Doorstep Scams

There have been reports this week of cold callers in Aberdeen offering to carry out energy efficiency measures on local properties. They claim that they are working for the Council on an energy efficiency project in the area. 

In one case, the caller arranged for a survey to be carried out the following day and left a technical survey document which stated that the homeowners were eligible for discounts on new roughcast, thermal wall coating, new roofs and UPVC windows and doors. Although Aberdeen Council is in fact carrying out external insulation works in the area as part of a national project, the cold calling traders were not one of the authorised contractors. 

⬇️How to Avoid⬇️ 

If someone knocks at your door and says they are working with the local council or mentions council funding or a project, ask them to wait and close the door while you phone the council to verify their identity and to check that the funding/project exists. 

Genuine callers will be happy to wait while you do this. Don't deal with cold callers - find traders who have been vetted through a national or local authority approved trader scheme. Sign up for Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Alerts to stay up to date with what is going on in your community: www.neighbourhoodwatchscotland.co.uk 


Find out More 

• Find traders in Scotland who have been vetted by Trading Standards: www.trustedtrader.scot 

• Police Scotland: www.scotland.police.uk/doorstep-crime-and-bogus-callers 

• Trading Standards Scotland: www.tsscot.co.uk/priority-areas/doorstep-scammers

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