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Scottish Business Resilience Centre - Police Team Update

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC)What have we been up to?


The following message has been circulated on behalf of Police Sergeant Keith Jack from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre

August already, hardly seems possible.  It’s been a tough year for our businesses in many respects, coming out of COVID, difficult trading conditions and worldwide events all adding to their challenges.

Complementing our existing work, the Police team at SBRC are using Fridays to get out and about.  Our plan is to tour Scotland visiting as many areas as possible, including those suffering from complex social issues, rural areas, town centres and more industrial type businesses.

We believe there is huge value in face to face engagement, an opportunity to build relationships, share advice and best practice, discuss what matters to our businesses and simply demonstrate to them that we are here, we care and we want to support them.

We started this activity last Friday with a visit to Stirling where we

  • Visited 25 businesses
  • Offered advice and left some information with them to consider
  • Met with the local BID (Business Improvement District) manager
  • Met with the local Policing team, passing on the reflections of the businesses we met and ensuring we are complimenting each other’s efforts.
  • Oh and walked more than 40,000 steps, don’t say the Polis never walk anywhere!!!!
  • We had brilliant discussions with shop staff, telling us how they support the most vulnerable in their community and how they deescalate volatile situations through good old fashioned people skills.  It was very evident how much they cared about their community, and that they were doing much more than selling products – they truly are a community HUB, everything from creating initiatives to help vulnerable young people or providing a friendly face for residents who might not see another soul all day, they are doing some amazing stuff.

    The discussions have given us lots of food for thought about how we best engage, communicate and offer the best support to our businesses. 

    I will keep you posted in the coming weeks of how it’s going.

    Sergeant Keith Jack – Scottish Business Resilience Centre



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