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Delivery Theft - Broxburn

Information has been received from a resident in the Broxburn area who has had an online delivery item removed from outside their flat door 10 minutes after it was delivered. The person was sent a photo and notification of the delivery but due to disability issues was unable to answer the door immediately. 

Please be aware of the following advice

Pick a Safe Place

Most courier services ask where to put a parcel if homeowner is not at home. This could be a trusted neighbour or place where item can be left safely such as a shed or recycling bin etc. Also consider, if an option with the courier, to having item delivered to a local shop, garage or indeed your workplace where you can pick it up at your convenience.

Plan Ahead

Read up on expected delivery times and plan an order for when somebody is in the house able to receive delivery.

Install a Video Doorbell

These can connect to a mobile phone which notify you when activated and allow you to remotely speak to the delivery person directly. It also records any activity at the area of the door which may be useful in any subsequent issue with a delivery.


Further information on delivery scams can be found on following link.


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