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BULLETIN 16/05/2024

This bulletin covers the last ten days of incidents since 4th May 2024. Please take the appropriate measures to protect machinery, material, especially cable and fuel tanks at your construction sites, these continue to be targeted by criminals. 

Police approved security products can be found at www.securedbydesign.com . Security guidance can also be found here for both businesses and domestic situations. Although this has been in the bulletin for a number of bulletins, The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) has also produced the following excellent guidance; Construction Site Security Guidance (nbcc.police.uk)

Sub division

Incident Number

Crime Type



North East Division (A Div)



PS-20240507-0676Damage - PlantLOSSIEMOUTHPersons have accessed building site, entered tractor, and moved it around site. The ignition barrels of two dumper trucks have been damaged and the fuel caps are lying open. This is not the first time the site has been accessed. Nothing apparently stolen.
Forth Valley Division (C Div)
CSPS-20240506-1139Theft - MetalSTIRLINGTheft of cable from secured compound. U/K quantity.
CAPS-20240507-1322HousebreakingSAUCHIEUnoccupied house which is being worked on broken into via an insecure window and Makita drill and impact driver stolen from within.
CSPS-20240513-0756Theft - Site MaterialTILLICOULTRYCaller reporting that a portable hot box has been stolen from site. 
Tayside Division (D Div)



PS-20240506-1167Theft - MetalDUNDEECaller reporting theft of scrap metal between 03/05 and 04/05. 
DCPS-20240508-3768Theft - ToolsDUNDEEMale seen to exit car, climb over fence into construction site and steal two boxes of power tools (nfd).
DCPS-20240513-1925Damage - PlantDUNDEECaller reporting that youths came onto the site activating the alarm. Caller has found windscreen on one digger smashed and door window on a second digger smashed.
Edinburgh City Division (E Div)
Greater Glasgow Division (G Div)
GKPS-20240507-0086Theft - AttemptGLASGOWCaller reported that males in an estate car attempted to break into his work van by using some sort of cutting tool. Nothing apparently stolen.
GPPS-20240508-0880Theft - Site MaterialGLASGOWQuantity of scaffolding stolen from site unknown value of stolen items.
GKPS-20240513-3010Damage - SiteGLASGOWCaller reports that a group of youths came onto site and have been throwing stones, damaging 4 cameras. 
Lothians and Scottish Borders Division (J Div)
JEPS-20240506-0601Damage-PlantMUSSELBURGHOffices at construction site have been broken into ransacked within the building, drawers emptied etc. Unclear if anything has been stolen.
JEPS-20240506-0599Housebreaking with IntentLIVINGSTONWork van broken into and power tools stolen. The mode of entry involved the side door being cut. 
JGPS-20240506-0496Vehicle Crime - Theft from MVLIVINGSTONCaller reporting that person’s u/k have attempted to gain access to work van by cutting a hole in the side door. Nothing apparently stolen.
JGPS-20240507-0641Theft - Attempt



Overnight 9/10 May theft of a flat-bed trailer by means of cutting locks with a grinder. 
JEPS-20240510Vehicle Crime – Theft (Plant / Machinery / Trailers)ROSLINCaller states that access had been gained to 2 complete plots at locus, by smashing the garden room window and that various appliances and plumbing items have been stolen
JLPS-20240513-0763HousebreakingMUSSELBURGHOffices at construction site have been broken into ransacked within the building, drawers emptied etc. Unclear if anything has been stolen.
Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Division (K Div)
Argyll and West Dumbartonshire Division (L Div)
LAPS-20240512-2162Theft - Metal



Theft of approx. 30m of low power cable believed to have happened over the period 11-12/05. 
Highlands and Islands Division (N Div)
NEPS-20240506-1171Damage - SiteLATHERONPersons u/k have attempted to set fire to a building that is in the process of being built onsite.
Fife Division (P Div)
PLPS-20240513-4398Damage - SiteCOALTOWN OF WEMYSSCaller reporting that windows at building site have been broken. 
Lanarkshire Division (Q Div)
QBPS-20240508-3688Theft - Site MaterialCARLUKEChildren have been entering the construction site over the past few nights and have stolen several items.
Ayrshire Division (U Div)
UCPS-20240511-1112Vehicle Crime - Theft from MVKILMARNOCKTheft of a Ford Transit van containing a significant value of tools (NFD).
Dumfries and Galloway Division (V Div)


Should you recognise any of the incidents and have any information, please contact Police Scotland on 101 or report information anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111.

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